We’d like to contribute to the success of your company and contribute to encourage bilingualism and multilingualism.

Our excellent teachers, an innovative methodology and a friendly atmosphere are the keys to our success.
Apart from being experienced, qualified, and native speakers of the languages they teach, our teachers have been trained in our teaching methods. They are 100% committed to our school of languages and they are passionate about teaching. Our varied and dynamic teaching methodology applied through our innovative techniques is what leads to the global learning of the language, that is to say conversation, grammar, writing and reading.
From the very first day the lessons are total immersion.



We do translations from and into many languages. We mainly work with documents in Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.


Our network of translators deal with all manner of subjects. Regardless of the length of the document or the degree of specialisation, we deal with the following fields:
- Technical
- Legal
- Financial
- Health
- Marketing
- Web sites
- Etc.

For very long projects or projects that need to be translated into several different languages, we always work with the same team of translators in order to obtain homogeneous texts in style and writing and to create glossaries for regular clients.

We proof-read and edit previously translated texts. Our only requirement is that the original translation should reach a minimum standard of correction and clarity. This is a quick process meant to correct small mistakes and/or inconsistencies that may occur in a text. Once revised, the text will be sent back to the client for them to check. We take in documents in any electronic format and paper. Notice that for paper documents, we will charge extra for electronic processing.

At IQRA TRANSLATIONS we offer several kinds of interpreting such as:
Legal interpreting (at Courts, Notary’s office, Registers …) liaison interpreting and whispered interpreting (for individuals and companies). We help business people to be successful at their business events and meetings with eventual external associates or international partners.


Real-time interpreting carried out in interpreting booths with two interpreters per booth. Simultaneous interpreting requires booths, microphones, headphones and audio-visual equipment. Simultaneous interpreting is a mentally demanding job that requires a lot of concentration, so there usually are two interpreters in charge of a booth so that they can take over from each other. The interpreters master the language they have to translate into and the language they have to translate from. They also do research on the topics that will be treated at the event. IQRA TRANSLATIONS offers you this service, too. We work with a team of interpreters that have a lot of experience in congresses and conferences and are used to dealing with a wide variety of subjects such as medicine, telecommunications, finances and human resources.


Each student is placed at the most suitable level in a class of a maximum of 10 students to make sure that the students can practise and work as a class.

Plaza de España nº 11

28008 Madrid
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